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New Style Teak Stacking Chair now on our web site!

We now have images of the new style teak stacking chair on our web site. Please go to the chair category to have a look.

We deliver Teak Garden Furniture all across the UK!

We’ve just received this lovely email from our recent teak dining set customer near Liverpool!

‘Hi Will and Martin,

 Just wanted to say the furniture arrived yesterday and we oiled it last night. It really is “excellent quality” we are very pleased with it.
Thanks for such a smooth and efficient service. Its raining today, however the water is beading nicely on the furniture.
Thanks again
 Colette and Stephen G****
Very happy in D****’
They have the large oval extending table with 6 new style stacking chairs. We deliver by van to the South & London and we can do pallet deliveries to anywhere else. Please call for our best quote. 01483 414120

Teak Garden Furniture now in stock for your first BBQ of the year!

Our teak garden furniture is now in stock for a nice early start to the Summer!

We’ve got outdoor teak dining sets, teak benches, stacking and folding chairs, curved banana chairs and benches, lutyens benches, coffee tables, parasols, gorgeous hammocks – metal and wooden frames, and a large selection of tables from small folding picnics to massive 2-3m extending tables!

Sunshine and sales!

Teak Oval Extending Table

.. and with the sun comes our first Garden Teak sales! We’ve just delivered our first extending table and stacking chair set of the season and also a beautiful teak lutyens bench to another customer locally! Banana benches and big classic benches now in stock so why not come and have a look! More sunshine please!

This 1.8 to 2.4m teak extending dining table with 6 stacking chairs and cushions is still at the special price of £899 (RRP £1003)

Spring Teak now in stock

Teak Banana Bench

We’re ready for Spring at Rooks Barn with all of our Garden Teak now in stock! These beautiful Teak Banana Benches are only £299 plus we have a new range of small round folding picnic tables to accompany them. The large extending outdoor teak dining table and 8 stacking chair sets are still at the amazing price of £999 including cushions (see our special offers page). Here’s to a long warm Spring and Summer!


Teak Double Extending Rectangular Table Dining Set

The End of Season SALE has kicked off! All of our teak garden furniture, teak root, hammocks and parasols are now 20% off plus lots of other sale items in the barn. Call us on 01483 414120 for more details.

How to care for your teak

People often ask how to care for their teak garden furniture, here’s some sound advice from openroomfurniture.com:

Teak outdoor furniture is a great investment that you can enjoy for many years to come. While teak is a very low maintenance wood, there are some things you should know about caring for your furniture. It also helps to know what NOT to do!

About teak

Teakwood is one of the most durable and stable hardwoods in the world. However, not all teak is alike. If you are investing in new teak furniture, we suggest you buy the furniture of reputable manufacturers who are environmentally responsible, and use high grade teak harvested only from carefully controlled plantations. Stick to furniture that is made using traditional construction techniques – doweled mortise and tenon joints, with dowels made of teak — and using good quality brass fittings. Inexpensive teak furniture is frequently made of lower grade wood (sadly, often illegally harvested) and constructed using pine dowels, which don’t hold up well over time. Feel free to ask us about which teak manufacturers we recommend. Some of the companies we have worked with for years, and whose quality and products we trust, include Barlow TyrieKingsley Bate and Gloster.

Oiling teak – don’t!

You don’t have to use preservatives or treatments of any kind to ensure the longevity of your outdoor teak. Oiling teak is only recommended if you are planning on using the furniture indoors. Outdoor teak furniture should not be oiled, as it will not prolong the life of the wood, but will, unfortunately, tie you into an arduous maintenance routine. Oiled teak is more likely to mildew and will be subject to irregular coloring as it weathers. New teak furniture often appears smooth and “polished” – this comes from the oil which occurs naturally in the wood. The oil on the surface of your teak will evaporate over time once the furniture is outdoors (hence the “graying”); it is the oil that remains below the surface that gives the wood its strength and durability. This is why good quality teak can be left outside all year long.

The graying of teak

When left outdoors teak furniture will naturally weather to a silver gray color. You will begin to notice the “graying” after a few months, depending on the amount of sun and rain your furniture is exposed to. Total weathering usually takes about 6-8 months. During the weathering process a slight “checking” or roughening of the grain may occur in spots. You may even notice a few small cracks. Checking is not a structural defect, but a perfectly natural process, as the wood expands and contracts, adjusting to the elements. Water spots or other discoloration may also occur during the weathering process. These will eventually even out, and the furniture will take on a uniform silver-gray color.

What if I don’t like the gray look and want to keep the honey color?

The “graying” of teakwood is simply the sign that the oil on the surface of the wood is evaporating. As such, your furniture can be restored to its original honey color by cleaning with mild soapy water and a soft bristle scrub brush. Teak cleaners are also very effective and require no heavy scrubbing or polishing. A Teak sealer can then be applied after cleaning, which will help to maintain the honey color of your teak. Contact us for more information about these products. Teak sealer needs to be reapplied about once a year, and should not be applied to new teak. Teak should always be clean when the sealer is applied. We also recommend you apply the sealer in a thin layer (less is more!).

What else can I do to protect and care for my teak?

Periodic cleaning of your teak furniture is always a good thing, as it will help to maintain the general appearance, and prevent dirt from building up. Hosing your teak off will do the trick, but we don’t recommend a high pressure washer. Clean using a mild solution of warm water and a little detergent (you can even add a few tablespoons of bleach). Then rinse with fresh water. Some people prefer to cover their furniture when they are not using it for long periods of time, which will help keep it clean and protected (especially in areas with a lot of tree sap or dust), but is not essential. If you do choose to use protective covers, it is very important that you use only “breathable” covers that don’t trap the humidity, but allow constant ventilation. Do not use plastic or vinyl tarps – they will do more harm than good! We highly recommend Treasure Garden’s Activa covers, which are available in many different sizes for all different kinds of outdoor furniture (not just teak).

I smell BBQ!

bbq teak garden furniture

With the first welcome suggestions of Spring, warm sunshine and even the thought of a first BBQ, comes the continuation of our pre-season sale!


Even if what you want isn’t in stock yet we will still honour the 20% discount and have your outdoor furniture with you before the beginning of Spring.

All indoor furniture, lamps and home-ware also 20% off! Visit www.rooksbarn.co.uk for more details.

Great time to buy teak!

teak garden furniture

With 20% off all of our fantastic quality teak garden furniture at the moment you can grab an amazing deal and have it ready for the first warm and  sunny spring days!

Teak chairs, round and extending tables, dining sets and benches all at an amazing 20% off web prices! Please call for more details.

Massive Discounts on Garden Teak Furniture

Teak Double Extending Rectangular Table Dining Set

Our outdoor teak garden furniture sale continues! People are still buying it, so we keep stocking it! The teak oval double extending dining table set is the most popular, with 10 teak stacking armchairs and cushions. Extends from 2 metres, to 2.5, to 3 metres, always with a centre section for a parasol! RRP £1489. Now an amazing £1249! Saving a whopping £240. Also available with 8 teak stacking chairs with cushions for just £1099 (RRP £1311).

We still have a large stock of garden and memorial benches, and we will do throughout the coming months, all at special discounted prices!

In addition we’ve a load more lamps in stock to help welcome in the dark evenings! From Morocco, Thailand, Bali and England! Plus a great selection of fantastic value metal and glass lanterns! Have a look on our www.rooksbarn.co.uk web site or why not pop into the barn to see our full range!